a service in new posts for all information on pets.









8 thoughts on “a service in new posts for all information on pets.

  1. I keep saying this again and again, i do not accept comments selling something else. this is a site about pets and animals, not selling other stuff like platforms etc.

  2. This would go much better on my news site, lizardheart.in Please put in comments there,
    petsplusus.info is a site about pets and animals
    not other stuff.

  3. While what you are selling seems like a good idea, i am not able to be around all the time to answer questions about pets, but do not be afraid to ask if you have a problem with your pet, and i will try to get with you in a timely way.

  4. While i can use the article on cbd for dogs, that is the only one i can use,
    This is a pet site, not a news site. Please any further info send to my email, iguanacorp1@yahoo.com. You may not get a reply as have over 500 emails daily. Have a great day.

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